I believe that life is a story. Mine, like many before me, is one that begins with a fall from Grace. Telling that part of my life’s story is unnecessary for the story I am going to tell you, but it is by no means unimportant. Please keep in mind that the story I am about to tell is one that begins just before the climax and concludes far before the back cover closes. Too many times, it seemed, that teachers rolled their eyes. I had noticed that something was off about the student-teacher dynamic in my traditional Junior-Senior High School when a failing student was a chore for the teacher: Not because the teacher had to try and help him do better but because the teacher had to suffer through having this kid in his class. Also, when the limit of a student government’s authority is to organize and fundraise for dances, it cannot be said that the school’s administration is by the students and for the students. These were some of the reasons I had for leaving my old school and applying to the public school of choice, Monadnock Community Connections. Unfortunately, I cannot claim to have