Playworks started going national about 6 years ago, and our first expansion city was Baltimore. On our first exploratory visit, we took a few staff including one of our coaches, Lamarr. In his late twenties the time, Lamarr is a big African American guy ‘ about 6’3’ and 240 pounds. He has a commanding presence and the kids absolutely adore him. Lamarr and I went out to visit a Baltimore elementary school to see if the there might be interest in actually running our program in the Baltimore schools. I asked Lamarr if he wanted to describe the program, since he had actually been out in the school doing it for the past couple of years. Lamarr deferred, he just wanted to listen to me pitch ‘ he was going to be mum and just soak it all in. So the Principal comes out and escorts us into his office ‘ a typical principal office with the big desk and big chair on one side and the little chairs on the other side. Lamarr looked silly – this big guy in this little chair – but he sat right down, with a determined look of silence on his face. I