My whispered prayers today are for Mike, an ESL teacher from Hartford, Connecticut who I met last night. Mike explained that since the advent of “NCLB” his time testing students keeps growing. He now spends 61 out of 180 days each year testing rather than teaching his students. Another Hartford Special Education teacher, Candace, said she is spending the same time testing students. Heather, a Hartford art teacher and parent of a Hartford Public School student, explained that testing has taken over her curriculum. Am I the only one missing something here with NCLB? The capital that feeds academic achievement is not testing, but instruction. My music on my walk today was Pink Floyd’s “Another brick in the wall” The weather was sunny, and I walked outside singing:”Teacher, teacher, leave them kids alone” I ended with some of Billy Idol’s Dancing with myself, and Rebel, Rebel. Guess you could say my walk was jamming today. I almost forgot to mention I walked another 6 miles, and melted some 800 calories away. Lots of people are asking where did this walking thing begin. So here it is: Like many of you, these high stake assessments have been a long struggle for