This story is about learning and teaching and is about 65 years long. It starts when I was in 1st grade and after many varieties of living winds up back in school as a substitute teacher. The teaching experience in high school illuminates the range of student response to differing methods of teaching and makes me wonder. The fact that my elementary school teachers were nuns is not the point of my story, the students ‘ the kids ‘ are. We were a lower middle class to poor city bunch. If we were under-privileged, we couldn’t tell because there was nothing for comparison, we were all about the same. In school the teachers treated everyone the same. That is, they had courses to teach and they were going to do it. No quarter was given to anyone for any reason; they had expectations of us and we were to raise our efforts to meet those expectations. The whole school was an atmosphere of students trying to do what was expected, to meet the demands. We, the students, didn’t know anything different. This was the way life was and, so, we, for the most part, rose to the challenge because we