When I was at college I volunteered at a local state school in inner city Oxford (UK) teaching young kids between the ages of 14 and 18 how to debate. Many of these kids had absolutely no interest in politics or debating. There were many kids who just sat in the back and played on their cell phones or chatted loudly to try and disrupt the lesson. They were very skeptical of me, as I came from Oxford University, was not much older than then them and came from a different background from them. Initially most of the kids completely ignored me and only behaved when my supervising boss stuck his head around the door to check in what was going on. However over time, I became really close to these kids and they started to get more and more engaged. One of the kids was a boy, who could not even tell his group of friends that he was attending debating classes and would sneak in the back door so he could come to my debating classes undetected by his school mates, who saw debating as a fairly lame pastime. After working with these kids for a year and