When I was over 40 I decided that it was time to go back to school and do a Masters Degree. By then I had been working in the field of elementary education for a long time (20 years on and off) and so I knew what I wanted to learn. I entered a program at the University of Missouri to get a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. It was a very unstructured degree, so I could choose the courses that I wanted to for the most part which was GREAT. There were only a few required courses and one was Introduction to Educational Theory. This was the very first course I had EVER taken that was based on a constructivist philosophy of teaching. For the first few classes we were taught the background about Behaviorism (the philosophy that I had learned and used in my teaching), Information Processing, and Consrtuctivism and given readings and rich resources to work with. The professor said she was creating a Virtual Library and we should choose one of these theories and create an artifact for the library which demonstrated the theory. For the first time I had to think and figure out what I