I can remember the very first moment I knew I had talents inside me. I was in first grade. One day my teacher, Miss Jonah, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to come to her desk to speak with her about a story I had written. In the story, I described a place populated by numbers instead of people. In this land, only eight varieties of beings existed, the numbers 1 through 8. I described each number’s personality in relationship to its shape. In my story, the 8s were supreme and had achieved perfection. They represented what all the other numbers strived to become: perfect in their roundness and complete in their shape, an infinite flow. This made the 8s the leaders in the Land of Numbers. Meanwhile, the 1s, 7s and 4s’ having achieved no roundness’were the members of the lower class, furthest from the ideal. Of that group, the 4s were the least outcast because they had managed to close the top part of their figures. I wrote a rather lengthy story for a first grader, yet I recall feeling it was incomplete because I had not explained why the 7s, who should have evolved from what looked like an obvious progression from the 4s, 5s and 6s, nevertheless took a