DREAM TEACHERS This year was very unique and it was something that we did not expect. Sixth grade was a challenge to us, because of the academic responsibilities that our teachers and parents expected of us. We had to keep up with school work and homework for three different teachers and as the seniors of the school we weren’t prepared for this drastic change and strict rules of the sixth grade. It was imperative that shirts were tucked in, having silent lunches, no recess, and we had to be organized at all times. I’ve been at Gaywood since I was in Kindergarten. My teachers were awesome! They guided me through Gaywood with their knowledge. They held me accountable for my actions and most importantly they encouraged me to learn and dream big dreams. The teachers at Gaywood aren’t just people you say hi to. They are the individuals who you see you first thing in the morning, they are the individuals who take you to recess, take you to lunch and they are also the people who take you to another world during the learning process. I’ve seen my teachers do wonderful things to help students with their education. They