Thirty-five years ago, I was struggling to pass English. Last year I became a published author. How did I find my way from failing to where I am now? Someone took the time to ‘see’ me. In the sixth grade, I had a third-grade reading level and a fourth-grade math level. I struggled with graphomotor skills, low active working memory, and attention issues — none of which was really diagnosed at the time. Hardly a recipe for success in the classroom, particularly when my teachers didn’t really know how to engage kids like me. So I showed up each day, sat in my seat, stared at the chalkboard, and didn’t learn a thing. It’s not like my teachers didn’t care. Knowing I was a struggling learner, one of my teachers asked me to spell ‘a’ during a spelling bee. I froze. That moment, which seemed to last forever, still haunts me, with the images of students staring at me, whispering their advice, while the teacher’s question rings louder than a fire station’s horn. I knew it was a simple, easy question, and that the teacher was only trying to help’which made my inability to answer even worse. Inwardly, I crumbled. It wasn’t about