Lantern Floating Ceremony with the Shinnyo-En Foundation summer 2010 It is with enormous gratitude that I write this heartfelt thanks and reflection to my Shinnyo-En family. When I was invited to attend the trip to Hawaii and the lantern floating ceremony, I almost didn’t come, as I was so busy with work and felt that it would be irresponsible to take off without my family for a week. So, I talked to my husband about going, and he said ‘you should do this…it’s a gift and it’s as important to accept them as give them’ And oh what it gift it was–a special gift, one I didn’t know existed, and one that changed the way I now exist. When I arrived in Hawaii, my sister, Aimee, who I haven’t talked to in at least 15 years, greeted me, complete with the traditional lei flowers. My family experienced a great tragedy in 1988 and things kind of fell apart with regard to communication among many of us. It was too hard to talk. We all just picked up and moved in and to different directions. Seeing Aimee was a wonderful gift. But that was just the beginning of this awe-inspiring experience.