Eight years ago, I founded Eagle Rock’s Teaching Fellowship Program in collaboration with Public Allies, Inc. and under the auspices of Eagle Rock’s Professional Development Center. I knew the power of teacher education that Eagle Rock provided, as I had participated in an internship at the school in 1995. Eagle Rock’s Teaching Fellowship has two perspectives: local and global. Locally, Fellows contribute skills, energy, and knowledge to the Eagle Rock School community. As residents, they are involved in student activities and campus life as well as classroom teaching and administration. Like everyone else at Eagle Rock, they serve as role models, take on leadership roles, and live the values expressed through Eagle Rock’s commitments. The global perspective relates to the Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center’s mission of engaging educators in forging renewal and reform initiatives in schools across the country. We envision Fellows utilizing what they learn at Eagle Rock in their next work environment and serving as emissaries for the kind of education Eagle Rock promotes. No matter what they do or where they go (but most especially if they enter public education) our Fellowship Alumni act as ambassadors for the values that Eagle Rock honors.