Remember when you were a kid and everything was new and interesting? When you opened your eyes each day to new wonders and curiosities? The funny thing is… the world didn’t go anywhere. The sun still rises and sets. the wind still blows and the birds still chirp. What did go somewhere is the fascination. When we are children very often we have a drive to pick something up… feel it weigh it and apply it to our day. Without this motivation it’s not likely we would ever get to walking from crawling. So basically…. we all hear about how curiosity killed the cat… but who or what killed curiosity? For me it was a curriculum. Every day in school I was told what to research and what to regurgitate for my test. Once I left the formal education system behind I found my curiosity reviving as time passed until I started to actually seek topics for myself and learn to identify my passions. Now I have more interests than I know what to do with and find the only thing I lack now is the time to fit it all in… which we never have do we. So whoever may come across this rant I