I had a teacher by the name of Mr. Wilson. He was very old school and he believed in teaching every student, by any means necessary. I was in the sixth grade( a very long time ago) and I was having a very difficult time with multiplications. Everyday I would pray for Mr. Wilson to skip right over me, but nooo he had to call on me everyday. He told me that if I didn’t study my multiplications at home every night, I would be sorry because he was going to tutor me daily and test me right after wards. He called me and gave me a problem,and while I was thinking I was wiping sweat off my brow, but I got it right. But the next time he called on me the problem was a little harder this time. I thought for a moment before I answered, because I knew what the consequences were if I gave Mr. Wilson the wrong answer. Well, I guessed the wrong answer, and he said’” Cheryl, see you right after school” I knew I was in deep trouble. He called my parents and they him permission to keep me, but now I was