George and Mabel Dennison. Teachers whose lessons continue today. I was searching for my first full time teaching job. With an overabundance of teachers seeking employment in Boston where I lived, I followed a different opportunity. Adventure called. I became the third teacher at the Sandy River School in Temple, Maine, a stone’s throw from Farmington, Maine ‘ a larger town seeing as it had a traffic light and university. Mabel and George Dennison had been instrumental in founding the school, and kept a close watch on what occurred there, with good reason. George had penned The Lives of Children (1969), one of the earliest books on progressive education documenting Mabel’s work at the First Street School, a unique small private school in Manhattan. While the children had thrived in this school, it’s closure led George and Mabel to Maine. Have you read The Lives of Children? If not, find a copy. This chronicles education’s true mavericks of their time ‘ Mabel deciphering the authentic needs of children and George the scribe, the artist of observation, etching the story on paper for prosperity. That I had the opportunity to work with them? Astounding. That I survived? Miraculous! I entered