One of the most important and effective learning experiences that I have ever had in my life occurred when I lived abroad in Spain from 2003-2005. I was a missionary for my church and basically provided service to church members and other community members who I met there. The learning experience that I would like to talk about was my experience learning and becoming fluent in the Spanish language. Before I arrived there, I was pretty nervous about having to learn the language. Despite taking two years of Spanish classes in high school, I really didn’t know anything about the language. I was absolutely nowhere near capable of carrying on a conversation in Spanish. At first, I struggled with the language. At first, I began to be able to understand things and concepts that people were saying. Even though I was able to understand what others were talking about, I couldn’t speak as well as I could understand. Then as time went on, my vocabulary increased as well as my understanding of verb tenses and other rules. After about six months, I became more confident in my ability to talk to people. It seemed that every day I was becoming