It was my mother and dad who instilled in me my love for learning and a desire to become a teacher. I loved learning and going to school. My parents were farmers and we, the 8 children along with our parents were responsible for harvesting the crops in the fall each year. I would pray for it to rain so that I could go to school. My mom and dad always offered encouragement telling me that I could be what I wanted to be. Even when I was absent from school because of working on the farm, mom and dad made sure that I studied and read something nightly in order that I would not get behind in my studies. I remember my dad sitting me in his lap and reading to me a a little girl and how my parents from first grade through high school always told me that they wanted me to go to college and become a teacher. We lived in a very poor rural deprived area. There were no recreational activities for the youth. Therefore, we had to make up our own activities. Upon graduation from high school, I received two scholarships which allowed me