It’s a little and yet unforgetful event happened far away and over twenty years ago when I was a sophomore with a selective college in Beijing, China. It’s the first lecture of a course on International Commerce. I and other 119 students took it. All of us had a pretty good command of English albeit textbook English. The professor started the lecture by asking us if any of us know the word, “consideration”, we thought we knew but actually none of us did within legal context, there you go, the Professor immediately won respect from us and later we found out he’s one of the best legal scholars on International Commerce back then in China… What I recall is from then on I was very attentative for this class, I got a score of 82 (tie with a girl who also scored 82 of 100), the highest among 120 students, for the midterm exam… I still remember it because that’s spectacular considering all the students were highly selected… I knew I didn’t learn for my professor and yet the “magic” of evoking instant respect from your students, I still think, is simply and positively powerful. One wonders how many professors and teachers are in this category (not necessarily academically ranking-wise but rather each one has a unique way to engage students.